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Derek Eisenberg, ePro, GRI, GAA, RAA
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Gilmer County, WV For Sale By Owner*

List your home on the North Central West Virginia MLS * and REALTOR.com® for a one time low fee.
We are the Technology Leader offering you the most state of the art services to sell your home. Competitors may purport to offer similar service but do not.
We beat all competitors offerings¹. If any competitor appears less expensive, contact us.

Please choose the MLS you wish to be listed in to see the listing packages available:

You can save $1000's & still get MLS exposure for your FSBO...

Since the 1970s, the NAR has collected data on home sales in Gilmer County, WV. They have consistently found that 85% of home sales in Gilmer County, WV are done with traditional Realtors®, while 15% are done as For Sale By Owners. What this means is that you, as a For Sale By Owner, will reach 15% of the potential market when selling your home. Wouldn't it be better if you could reach all 100% of the market? Selling to the entire market will not only make selling your home easier, but it will create a competitive bidding process that will likely increase the selling price of your home. But how can you reach 100% of the market? With our For Sale By Owner listing your home will be posted on the MLS, where Realtors® will be able to see, and show, your property to their prospective buyers, as well as share information about your property with other Realtors®. With a For Sale By Owner listing your home will also be listed on websites such as  Trulia.com™, Realtor.com™, and AOL.com™, as well as other websites, local to Gilmer County, WV. Also, with our For Sale By Owner Listing, you obviously will get all of this at a discount. For a low flat fee you will get all of the exposure of a traditional Realtor®, while maintaining the perks of a For Sale By Owner. So when you sell your home, you will not have to pay half of the commissions.

* List For Sale By Owner denotes that you the owner fills out forms so that our licensed Broker can type you into the MLS's database. It does not imply that you as a layperson will be granted direct computer access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) yourself. | List in MLS

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